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It’s Raining Offers at Gap!

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Shadow-stripe Sweaters

Shadow-stripe Sweaters

Is it time for spring showers already? ‘cos it’s raining offers at Gap! Now, you can shop for cute sweaters and charming tops at a 40% off and avail an extra 35% off the rest of your purchase.  Isn’t that something to celebrate?

When you get up in the mornings and find that it’s still a bit chilly outside, you can layer your dress of the day with a simple sweater. Or get that super-skinny ultra small cami top covered up with a mesh sweater. You can use a solid sweater as a layering piece over a sparkly Christmas party dress and pass it off as a skirt.

Wearing a sweater during spring, will be a nice demonstration of your impeccable fashion sense! Wear it with your casual wear outfits as a layering piece or as a cardigan jacket with your office wear pieces.

But if you’re not in the mood for it, you can always shop for these sweaters and stack them away in storage for the next fall or winter. It might come sooner than you think!

Shop for beautiful sweaters and tops at Gap now and enjoy incredible offers with Gap online coupons. Simply enter the Gap coupon code GAPTODAY at checkout to avail a fabulous 40% off sweaters and tops and an extra 35% off the rest of your purchase. Hurry, this offer is on only till the end of the day, April 22, 2015. Hurry, shop now before the stocks run out.

April 22nd, 2015

Shoes and Stripes!

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Buckle Wedges

Buckle Wedges

Give some rest to your feet from towering high-heels this season; switch over to wedges, or better yet, switch over to striped wedges. A regular pair of woven or straw wedges are great for a sunny day out, but a pair of striped wedges, now that’s a find of a lifetime. And, here’s why?

  1. A pair of striped wedges would make the perfect option to get some fun into dressing up for work. You can wear them with your regular office wear or team them with a gorgeous LBD to put a pep into your step.
  2. A pair of striped wedges will make a nice option to break the color monotony of boring monotone colors. But never pair them with white and black printed outfits; this would simply be very confusing! Instead use these wedges with all-red or all-black outfits!
  3. A pair of striped wedges will look great when teamed with any casual outfit of your choice. Right from jeans with tee shirt to denim overalls, anything and everything works with striped wedges.
  4. These wedges are the ideal statement pieces when you want to draw attention to your feet. Outfits like track pants, demand a pair of shoes that will put your ankles on display and these striped wedges are your best bet at getting maximum compliments.
  5. And finally, doesn’t your heart just skip a beat when you spot those cute pair of striped wedges. Well, enough said!

Shop for a pair of striped wedges now and save a good 35% on your purchase with Gap online coupons. To claim this offer, simply enter the Gap coupon code SUNNY at checkout. Hurry, this offer is valid only until April 21, 2015.

April 20th, 2015

The Celeb-approved Way to Wear Stripes!

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Modern Stripe Boatneck Tee

Modern Stripe Boatneck Tee

Stripes are one of the oldest and classiest trends that have withstood the test of time. After all, it’s a known fact that, fashion changes every season; but for stripes, there’s no season more perfect than now. Here are a few celeb-approved ways to wear a striped tee…

  1. Stars like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Miranda Kerr would swear that pairing a simple black and white striped tee with a pair of leather leggings is the best way to go. Their style quotient just went up a few notches as they chose to pair this classic combo with a set of high heel booties.
  2. As for Olivia Palermo, her eccentric but uncanny style sense would not let her pair her striped tee with anything else but another striped cardigan, of course in complementary colors. While she likes to pair this euphoric combo with faded jeans, you could also try out pencil skirts or a maxi.
  3. Some stylists and celebrated fashion bloggers claim that stripes can take the edge off of highly colorful pieces and often team a simple black and white striped tee with neon pink skirts or hot yellow pants.

Try out these styling tricks with your black and white striped tee and enjoy the compliments that come your way! If you need a really good striped top, you can just get one at Gap and enjoy a fabulous 40% off your purchase with Gap online coupons. Just use the Gap coupon code GAPSUNDAY at checkout to redeem the offer. Hurry, this offer is valid only until April 19, 2015.

April 19th, 2015

Dare to Bare: Kim Kardashian Style!

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Knit Pencil Skirt

Knit Pencil Skirt

Nobody knows their curves as well as Kim Kardashian does! Also, nobody can do it like a pro when it comes to dressing up their delectable curves like Kim K. The reality star is a complete professional and when it comes to fashion, one could say that she has mastered the art of dressing up her curvy proportions! The lady was spotted in Paris early this week flaunting her dare to bare ensemble with majestic charm and en point style. Here take a look…

The 34-year old star was spotted strolling the streets of Paris dressed in her signature-style calf-length pencil skirt in bluish-gray and teamed it with a matching cut-out bralet top with V-neck straps that put her smack in the middle of the fashion map. Given that the pretty lady’s style is nothing out of the ordinary, for her at least – she is often seen in dare to bare outfits, but this number certainly showed the Parisians some good old fashioned style and also may have caused a serious dose of wardrobe envy to many women! Kim finished off her look with a  pair of high-heel strappy sandals in nude and a matching long coat that she left unbuttoned to show off her style.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get drenched in the April showers at Gap and enjoy fabulous discounts with Gap online coupons! Just key in the Gap coupon code GAPAPRIL at checkout and get a good 30% off your purchase. Hurry, this offer is valid only until April 18, 2015.

April 16th, 2015

Summer Launches, Straight from Coachella!

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Eyelet Summer Shorts

Eyelet Summer Shorts

Looking to break your vow of solace from somber kill-me-now blues, grays and blacks? Switch over to the hottest trends of summer, straight from Coachella! Why the Coachella might you ask? It is one of the most happening party scenes in town right now with a slew of celebrities, stars and actress; plus, the Coachella week is the un-official ramp for the summer and spring! Here, Gigi Hadid shows you why…

The stunning model was seen rocking the party scene at the Bootsy Bellows Estate on Sunday, April 12, 2015, dressed in a pair of black denim shorts and a black lace bralet top that let her show off her toned tummy. While you would think it’s pretty normal to wear a black shorts and a matching black top, Gigi took her look to whole new heights with a few simple accessories that did all the work and elevated her look. She covered-up with a stunning sleeveless fringed jacket made from tan leather that put the biker babe spin in her persona. And, not to mention the multistrand hipster-style hip chain that ensured she got her boho look right! The pretty model also had on a pair of tan pointed-toe booties with black ankle socks that served up as the perfect finishing touch for her outlook. And, for accessories? Oh, she accessorized! The 19-year old model took the trouble to accessorize with a lot of jewelry and even wore a metal-accented head band that looked perfect for a pool-side party.

Steal her style now for less with a similar pair of black shorts from Gap. Now you can get this and more for less at the Gap flash sale. Just enter the Gap coupon code GAPFLASH at checkout and avail a cool 40% off your purchases! Hurry, this offer is valid only for one day, April 15, 2015. Have fun shopping with Gap online coupons!

April 15th, 2015

The Elusive All-black Look!

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Laser-cut fit & flare dress

Laser-cut fit & flare dress

Many celebrities and designers have lived by the all-black code. Black is an enigmatic color with a ton of positive traits about it: Black is elegant and chic, it’s slimming and looks good on anybody. Black is great on all skin tones and works like magic for both men and women.

When you have to go to a party and cannot decide what to wear, there is just one outfit that comes to your rescue, your little black dress. Let’s say that you have to go to the opera, a formal setting, the most common dress code is always an LBD. And, for a work day when you find yourselves a tad too bored to get up and get dressed, an all-black ensemble is the ultimate go-to choice that can get you out the door in a jiffy. But if you’re worried that your obsession with black might get you branded as the boring chic who only loves goth-style black, you need to be seriously concerned about it. And, like the smart dresser that you are, the best way to beat this stereotype is to efficiently accessorize your black dress in such a way that you look trendy and classy. You can always experiment your look with other colors in moderation like a stylish blazer, a pair of shoes, a cute scarf or a beautiful clutch.

Just remember accessorizing is the key to rocking an all-black ensemble! Shop for a black dress or a pair of black skinnies now and enjoy a good 40% discount with Gap online coupons. Just enter the Gap coupon code GAPHAPPY at checkout to avail this discount.

Hurry, this offer expires on April 13, 2015.

April 12th, 2015

Wardrobe Must-have: Crisp White Shirt!

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Tailored Shirt

Tailored Shirt

A crisp white shirt is nothing if not classic; a piece that should necessarily be owned by every woman! Be it a casual occasion or a formal one, a white shirt can be worked wonderfully to create looks that are high on fashion. White shirts have come a long way from being an office-wear essential to a wardrobe staple, thanks to its seamless versatility. If you thought white shirt is all about complementing your officewear, read through to find out how you can style it for some off-beat style…

  • A pair of black leather skinny pants with a white button-down shirt is not only ultra classy, but also extremely laid-back; teaming this combo with a pair of white sneakers can add a touch of sportiness to your overall look!
  • Go sporty chic with a pair of grey joggers and a white shirt. You can either team it up with a pair of pumps for a pepped-up look or go with a pair of sneakers for a laid-back look!
  • Team up your red midi skirt with a white button-down shirt and a pair of heeled sandals for running errands. Complete your look with a cool pair of sunglasses and you are set for summer!
  • Layering is the best trick to dress up a white shirt! Wear your white button-down with a pair of faded jeans and layer it with a pullover or a well cut sharp blazer; add blingy accessories like a choker neckpiece and a cuff bracelet to look impeccable!
  • Nothing can beat the sophistication of an all-white attire; wear a white shirt with a pair of white shinny jeans and for that much needed pop of color, slip into a pair of cobalt blue pumps and experience power dressing!

Gap brings you the best of outfits and accessories at affordable prices! And, with Gap online coupons you can bag amazing discounts like this one; shop before the end of the day, April 8, 2015 and use the Gap coupon code GAPMORE at checkout to save $45 on your purchase $100 or more. Hurry, shop before stocks run out!

April 8th, 2015

Be Jogger-chic!

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Printed Tencel® jogger pants

Printed Tencel® jogger pants

Do not commit the crime of confining your joggers to morning jogs and gym workouts! The hottest fashion-meets-fitness trend is making a lot of noise in the fashion scene off-late and this is a great time for you to finally free your joggers from the confines of sweaty gym closets! If you are confused as to how to actually embrace the trend without going wrong, here are a few styles…

  • Start with something simple; go for a pair of black joggers, a crisp white shirt or a flowing white blouse worn with a pair of nude pumps. This outfit is not only uber-chic, but also extremely safe to try!
  • A pair of floral printed joggers can look great with a pastel-colored tank top and a pair of denim sneakers. Complete the look with a fedora and step out in style. If you are looking to play up your look, just add layers with a cardigan or a scarf!
  • Flash your ankles to add a touch of glamour to your otherwise laidback look. To make this style work for you, wear a pair of sneakers, pumps or moccasins that shows off your ankle and see the difference it makes to your overall look!
  • If you are opting for printed joggers, you can set it off with neutral or plain tops!
  • Dressing up a pair of joggers can prove to be interesting especially if you have chosen a pair of plain-looking joggers. Add layers of bling necklaces and statement bracelets or handcuffs to up your ante!

Here’s your treat for the day! Gap brings you an amazing collection of joggers and tees that can give you an effortlessly-chic look in minutes. And with Gap online coupons, you can get great discounts on your purchase too! All you need to do is, enter the Gap coupon code GAPOUTFIT at checkout to avail a cool 30% off your purchase. Hurry, this offer is valid only till April 13, 2015. And, if you shop today, April 7, 2015, you can avail this cool offer on select styles too! Happy shopping!

April 7th, 2015

A Statement in Prints!

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Snakeskin Belt

Snakeskin Belt

While it’s perfectly natural and predictable to shift towards bare essentials and neutral colors during the winter, come summer, it’s easy to gravitate towards warmer colors and softer palettes. It’s almost as if the warm color palette resonate in agreemement with the season perfectly. But apart from the warm colors, there is also another trend that, inevitably, becomes a hit around this time of the year! We’re talking about prints! Prints have always marked the beginning of the spring and the onset of summer! And, what better time to flaunt them in style, if not now?

While thinking of prints, don’t just limit yourselves to florals, stripes or other nautical prints; expand your horizons and think beyond the usual seasonal prints. Think about alternate prints like leopard prints, palm-leaf prints and even paisley prints! But, if you already have a couple of those gorgeous printed outfits in your closet, how about accessories with gorgeous prints? You can never underestimate the power of a simple but solid printed belt or a printed leather bag that can take your look from ‘ok’ to ‘wow’ in an instant! Plus, prints offer your accessories a certain timeless character which makes them versatile and perfect for solid outfits too!

So, what are you waiting for? Shop at Gap now and bag some of the coolest accessories and outfits for less with Gap online coupons. Shop before April 6, 2015 and avail a good 40% off your purchase simply by using the Gap coupon code GAPNEW at checkout. Happy shopping!

April 3rd, 2015

On the Tracks!

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Bedford Joggers

Bedford Joggers

Maybe we ought to credit Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and the rest of the gang for making the jogger pants so popular. These men have worn these pants so much that it’s left us wondering if, we too, in time, forget all about the jeans. Earlier, it was just easy to credit Justin Beiber and his crazy antics for putting us off the track pants for a while! But now that the season’s changed, we’re all ready to welcome the jogger pants or track pants, however you choose to call it, with all the love!

And, it’s not just the male stars who’ve made the joggers this popular, even the ladies seem to have taken a liking for it. Stars like Rihanna, Gwen Steffani, Olivia Palermo et al swear by the joggers to make their casual day all the more special and fun!

The best thing about sporting a pair of track pants is that you don’t have to roll the hem to create a fitting cinch at the ankles; these babies come with a set of cinched cuffs that does the job for you. And, if you’re still wondering how to wear these pants with style, just remember this one simple trick: wear them just like your favorite denims. If you would normally style your jeans with a casual tee and a button-down shirt, wear your joggers the same way for some effortless style! If you wear jeans with a shirt and leather blazer, style your joggers with a plaid shirt and leather jacket too! For shoes, joggers work best with a pair of sneakers but you can experiment with a pair of loafers too!

Temped to try out a pair of track pants? Check out the collection at Gap and enjoy a good 25% off your purchase with the Gap online coupons. Just key in the Gap coupon code GAPAPRIL at checkout to redeem the offer. Hurry, this cool offer is valid only for today, April 2, 2015. Happy shopping!

April 2nd, 2015