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Well Plaid!

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Plaid shirt jacket

Plaid shirt jacket

One gets the feeling that jackets can get a tad too one dimensional with its plain avatars. For those who feel a jacket with its limited color potential can be a bit restrictive on the fashion stakes, then a mention of a certain Idris Elba might just do the trick.  The man obviously knows how to bring about a polished and vintage elegance with his appearances on the red carpet, but you’ve got to doff your hat to him for going on another plane with his different ‘plaid jacket paired with red pants’ look for an awards ceremony last year. Outlandish, yet he still stamps his class by settling for a combination that is eye-catching and more importantly, individualistic. The jacket was great fun and he pulled the look off effortlessly.

Idris Elba pulls out another rabbit from his fashion hat with a classy ensemble for the Paris premiere of his movie ‘Mandela‘. Subtlety has never been finer with this smooth and understated charcoal plaid slim fit outerwear which would make a brilliant addition to any man’s wardrobe.  The suede shoes make for a complete picture that exudes confidence and brings about a stylish contemporary edge to plaids.

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Have a great time shopping!

October 28th, 2014

Freezing Winters or Burning Calories: Make the Best Choice!

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Knit legging capris

Knit legging capris

Dreary cold winds, bring with them an instant gloominess, causing the time to stand still and days to last longer. But to choose between dreading the frosty winters ahead or to knock it down is your choice to make.

So this coming winter, instead of lounging in your warm and cozy room, it’s time you hit the gym and loose burn your calories to confidence. But weight loss is a tough task to undertake and requires a lot of stamina, concentration and will power. And not just that, for effective and exciting weight loss regimen, one must take care of proper workout gear, which will not only lends support but also make the gym routine, stylish and interesting.

A proper gym session involves warm up, cardio, abs, strengthening and cool down exercise. Start with working on the overall fitness first, opting for 20 minutes of treadmill walk, followed by a 10 minutes session on stationary bicycle and another 10 minute workout on an Elliptical trainer. Then to work on your problem areas like tummy, thighs and buttocks, it essential to do a minimum 20 minutes of toning exercises, including abs, squats and Pilates, that will definitely trigger the fat bearing areas, which may lead to effective weight loss if done regularly under the supervision of a professional.

Having explained of a full-fledged workout regime, here is your chance to dress perfectly for your workout session in the best of outfits to your session all the more effective – after all, everything boils down to comfort! Complete your gym attire with a comfy capri and soft tee – they are available on a slashed rate at Gap! Plus, you have plenty other styles to choose from, given the ultimate offer here!Shop today, October 27, 2014 and get a $50 off your purchase of $130 or more. Or, get a free shipping, if not, get 30% off your regular purchase using the Gap online coupon code GAPPERK1, GAPPERK2 and GAPPERK3 respectively. Enjoy shopping Gap online coupons!

October 27th, 2014

Ways to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

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1969 destructed always skinny skimmer jeans

1969 destructed always skinny skimmer jeans

Gone are the days of skinny jeans, bring out your boyfriend jeans and team them up with wedges to pointy heels or floral prints to classic white t-shirt. With a cuffed ends and straight-legged cut, these pants hit you just above the ankle. Comfortable and roomy, these borrowed boyfriend jeans are the top trends in denim.

A formal or work-inspired look with these demins would be with a white button-down. Just throw on a fitting black blazer and pair of pointy heels or pumps. The fitting blazer gives your figure a lil more definition and shows off your curves. If you aren’t a fan of heels, you can try this look with ballet flats too.

For an evening out or if you are trying to go on a casual look, get a simple white V-neck tee and tennis shoes with these pants. You can switch the shoes for flats and add some color with a scarf. Not just a white tee, you can also pair these uber-comfortable pants with striped or polka dotted tees.

Now it’s time to get yourself some 1969 sexy boyfriend jeans or for a lil grungier look, the 1969 destructed sexy boyfriend jeans. It’s never been better cos, if you shop today, October 26, 2014, you get a whooping 40% off your purchase! Just feed in the Gap discount code GAPFLASH at checkout to avail the discount! Enjoy shopping with Gap online coupons!

October 26th, 2014

Befriend Warm Outerwear This Season with Gap’s 25% Off!

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cable-knit sweater

cable-knit sweater

It becomes overtly mandatory during winters to stock up on warm and snugly outfits, but doing so, one always tends to stray away from the on-going trend, that results in boring and unfashionable clothing. But this winter, to help sort out your fashion troubles, Gap brings forth a wide range of modish and fashionable clothes, that is sure to keep you ahead amongst your peers, both in terms of style and comfort.

While fashion needs are the same for both adults and kids alike, here is a simple way to choose stylish apparels for your little girl. Firstly, what matters the most during snowy season, is the wise choice of clothing, which must involve, loads of woolen-knitted sweaters, fur-trimmed jackets and ample of beanies, mittens and warm cover-ups. So  to begin with  choosing the best winter attire for your girl, opt for something simple yet stylish like this cable-knit sweater in pale pink, which when paired with starry skinny jeans will add enticing present day charisma to her classic sweater. Complete the attire with pink quilted pom pom trapper hat and similar mittens to add extra warmth to your little girl’s attire.

Having learnt of the simple way to dress your doll, here is your chance to get your hands on this cool winter clothing, now available with Gap’s whopping 25% discount. Once you are through shopping, enter the valid Gap discount code GAPHAPPY at checkout to redeem the discount. Hurry! This offer is valid only today October 25, 2014. Enjoy shopping with Gap online coupons!

October 25th, 2014

A Parka to Keep You Going!

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Fur-trim snorkel parka

Fur-trim snorkel parka

Be it over your graphic tees and jeans for a casual evening out or with your silk blouse for a date, a parka looks cool with anything! There are a whole different range of styles you can try out with this over-sized jacket. Boots and over-sized bags are classic accessories for a parka. So when the chilly winds come knocking, it’s the right time to get your hands on one.

Sturdy and stylish, a parka will usually have lots and lots of pockets to keep stuff handy. What sets it apart from a jacket is the hood and an optional (sometimes removable) faux-fur liner around the hood to keep you all bundled and warm. It is huge enough to let you pile on T-shirts or sweaters under as added layers. Not to mention, the military-style parkas are always “in”, very practical and also chic.

You can also wear a thick, well-lined parka with your shift dress, a pair of tights and flats for the perfect office look that’s ideal for a chilly morning. And if you have the simple parka, without the cozy hood, wrap around a scarf instead. Anything from a knitted infinity scarf to a simple Parisian knot scarf is perfect to keep you toasty.

Same parka would work for your weekend evening outs too! Denim cut-offs, a grunge or graphic tee and the military parka, put together is casual and perfect for your regular day. Throw on a pair of biker boots, an over-sized bag, some arm candy and viola, you are ready to rock the dance floor! If you want to keep things a little feminine, miniskirts can help.

Now it’s time to get all these and revamp your look at a slashed price! Shop at Gap between today, October 23, 2014 and October 26, 2014 to get an awesome $40 off every $100 you spend! Once you’ve filled your cart, enter the valid Gap discount code 40OFF100CA at checkout to redeem the discount. Enjoy shopping with Gap online coupons!

October 23rd, 2014

The Fall-essential Pick!

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Quilted knit bomber

Quilted knit bomber

It might be quite a while now that you’ve sorted out the fall-ready styles by looking at the celebs, but look again. Do you think you have it all for fall? How about this smoking hot quilted knit bomber from Gap that you can’t get enough of?

Well, the good thing is, you can get it at a smashing price with the awesome offer to save 30% on sale styles! And before you know the details of bagging it, know how you can pull off some stunning looks with this jacket.

  • Wear it with a dark wash denim and contrasting tee in lighter shade to make this jacket pop out. Its quilted design drags all the attention, and not to mention, the quilted pattern is on its hay days now!
  • Or, pair it with distressed jeans, a flowy white top, a fedora and some aviators for a casual street chic look.
  • This jacket is great for a biker chick look, all you need is a pair of hot boots, leather pants and some statement blings to make the cut.
  • Skirts work equally well with this jacket; make sure they  are denim skirts to bring out the rebel look without much effort!

So, now that you know a few ways to bang on this jacket look, head on right away to bag this style. The offer to save 30% on sale style starts today, October 21, 2014 until October 23, 2014. Once you’re through shopping, make sure you feed the Gap online coupon code GAPSUPER at checkout to claim the discount.

Have a great time shopping with Gap online coupons!

October 21st, 2014

What to Wear for a Casual Date?

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Stripe Zip-back Pencil Skirt

Stripe Zip-back Pencil Skirt

If you’re reading this, then 1) You’ve probably secured a date with your crush and 2) you’re clueless about what you want to wear for your date.

You see, dressing up for a date is actually quite simple. You need to show up dressed your very best – by saying that, we do not mean showing up in that nice bridesmaid dress from the latest wedding. It simply means that you should put your best foot forward. Know what suits your body type and simply pick outfits based on that.

But, speaking generally, as a rule of the thumb, pencil skirts are a great option when it comes to dressing up for date night. You might probably have a few solid ones in your work-wear closet and you might also have some really cool tee shirts to go with it. Just pair them together for a great night of fun and getting-to-know-each-other.

Another added advantage of opting for pencil skirts as date-night-outfit is that you don’t have to spend time changing into an appropriate date-dress after work. You can simply sneak into the restroom for a quick fix solution – out with the work shirt and in with the cool tee, switch up the look with a couple of accessories, fix your make-up and hair and you’re all set to go. This would take less than 15 minutes!

So, if still you’re wondering what to wear to your date, checkout the collection of pencil skirts, tops, dresses and more at Gap and take your pick. Plus, you get an incredible 25% discount on your purchase with Gap online coupons. Simply feed the Gap coupon code GAPHAPPY at checkout to redeem the offer. Happy shopping!

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October 20th, 2014

Love or Loathe it? Beyonce Goes Uber-short with her Bangs!

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Sunkissed shorts

Sunkissed shorts

There have been quite a few iconic bangs through the years, but seems Beyonce has brought it home with her uber-short bangs that reminisces the retro look!

It’s not something we’ve never seen before; thanks to her songs, Video Phone and Telephone that already gave us a glimpse of her short bangs. But, with this said, unlike its predecessors, this time around the bangs have gotten a bit shorter and better in every given way!

As much as it hurts to see beyonce’s beautiful locks chopped off, turns out that we love the look for everything it is. And needless to mention, Beyonce looks fiercely hot in her new hairdo!

Now that you’ve enjoyed Bey in her throwback Bettie Page hair, it’s time you try it out too to show your support for her in her latest fashion move. Not just that; mimic a full-on Beyonce moment by wearing her statement look, high-waisted shorts!

While doing so, make sure you stop by at Gap for some awesome range of shorts at a slashed price – after all, Gap has announced a fabulous discount of 30% off your purchase! Once you’re through shopping, enter the valid Gap online coupon code GAPHAPPY at checkout to redeem the discount. Please note that this offer is valid from today, October 16, 2014 to October 18, 2014.

Happy shopping with Gap!

October 16th, 2014

Magical Accessories – Turn from Nahh to Aahh!

Calf hair convertible crossbody

Calf hair convertible crossbody

Legend has it that accessories have been a part of women’s look since the 1800s. Considering the early times they emerged, the importance of accessories is hard to look past. And even in the 21st century that we proudly belong in, they form the crucial elements at restoring a vintage look with a modern spin or elevating a flat look in to a stunning masterpiece!

How about we assume putting together a look –

A flowing maxi dress along with a pair of sexy stilettos doesn’t necessarily feel like a complete look. If you continue to proceed with what you’ve just got, it’s gonna be a total miss. How about you spruce it up with some blings, a sling bag, a fedora and most importantly a belt at the waist to accentuate the curves? Now that’s what we call a hit look! From drab to fab, it took you almost nothing but handful of accessories to make your look a standout.

Pay attention to even the slightest of details and put together a look worthy of a showpiece! Now get started with stashing some accessories that you don’t wanna miss – stop by at Gap for some awesome pieces at an affordable price!

If you shop at Gap today, October 13, 2014, you get too save a whopping $40 on your purchase worth $100 and more. Once you’re through shopping, enter the valid Gap online coupon code GAPTHANKS at checkout.

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October 13th, 2014

Get the Best Of Gap!

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GAP logo tee

GAP logo tee

With brand new e-commerce sites mushrooming in tiny corners every other day, it does get arguably competitive to hold your own ground. Hence, it becomes highly imperative to take a stand and do things a bit differently to stand out among the crowd. So, what’s special about Gap? Gap offers the most affordable range of clothing for your entire family and, with exclusive discounts and offers you can keep shopping without worrying about your budget.

Here are a few unique things about Gap that you’ll never find anywhere else!

  1. Exclusive Branded Products: At Gap you can find exclusive Gap branded products like the ‘GAP; logo tee shirts, sweatshirts and more. You can also get exclusive Gap products like caps, tank tops and track pants.
  2. Exclusive Looks: Browse through the Gap lookbook to find exclusive styles, latest trends and recommendations. Looking for some style inspiration, or just want some ideas to style up your brand new boyfriends shirt? At Gap, you can find ideas, inspiration, celebrity styles and so much more.
  3. Fashion Updates: Gap is dedicated to keeping you in-tune with the latest styles, trends and happenings in the fashion world. So, if you’re yearning for that new outfit that you saw on the ramp, check out the collection at Gap for something similar.

Get the best of Gap and enjoy the exclusive discounts only with Gap online coupons. Shop between today, October 11, 2014 and October 12, 2014 and bag a fabulous 40% discount on your purchase! To claim this offer simply use the Gap coupon code GAPSTYLE at checkout. Happy shopping!

October 11th, 2014