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Bella Thorne Sports the Perfect Holiday Outfit!

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Women’ Foil-pattern Jacquard Skirts

Women’ Foil-pattern Jacquard Skirts

The perfect holiday outfit is supposed to be fun to sport and should be stylish, that’s a given! But the most important part is that a holiday outfit should be comfortable, considering the fact that you’re going to be cooped up indoors with your family. So, here’s Bella Throne’s perfect holiday outfit which has all these three elements!

The singer was spotted at the Candie’s office in NYC recently when she stopped by for a meeting. The 17-year old star looked posh-perfect in a red houndstooth sweater skirt from Candie’s junior line teamed with a creamy white fuzzy sweater, again from Candie’s. The high-rise skirt is the perfect choice for the holiday season as you can team it with any sweater or plain shirt. And, it looked so chic on the singer that it would be unfair if you didn’t try it too!

If you want a similar look, then head over to Old Navy and pick a black foil patterned jacquard skirt and team it with a soft cream blouse or sweater. Not only is this combo super cute and nice, it also costs you just under $50. Plus, you can tweak this look for a posh effect by pairing it with opaque black tights and stiletto shoes in black and for a look that screams holiday casual, go with cable-knit tights and black booties.

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December 15th, 2014

Winter Must-haves – Wool Trench! Click to open site & Copy coupon
Wool Trench

Wool Trench

Dressing for winter isn’t always fun; most of the time you simply end up with clothes that offer warmth but are not fashionable or clothes are super-trendy but when you wear it to a nightclub, you would probably freeze in it. In order to sail through the winter effortlessly, you need to balance the classy pieces in your wardrobe with an equal amount of fashionable but cozy outerwear that keeps you warm.

Outerwear forms the ultimate finishing piece of your look and must be chosen with utmost care. And, when it comes to outwear for the winter, nothing can beat the classy appeal of a trench coat. It’s the perfect length, cut and style that would complement all your winter clothes and also has oodles of style without being dressy.

Your closet must be well-stocked with at least two woolen trench coats for the winter. And, when you choose these coats, make sure that you don’t compromise on quality or texture, ‘cos you might be wearing these coats almost every day. Before buying a trench coat, ensure that it’s roomy enough to allow you to wear multiple layers underneath it and also, light enough to work with a few dressy gowns or party outfits. Pick colors like brown, tan, navy, black or gray, as these are mostly neutral and work well with everything else in the color spectrum.

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December 15th, 2014

T-shirts – The Evergreen Wardrobe Essentials

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Shimmer Crew Tee

Shimmer Crew Tee

Trends may come and trends may go, but nothing can beat the classic look of the Jeans and T-shirt. It’s a style that has transitioned time and stayed in the limelight all along and from the looks of it, will probably continue to do so for another few decades.

T-shirts are universal; they are the most popular and most common outfits worn by everyone.  However, there are some rules when it comes to wearing T-shirts. We have listed a few basic rules which should be taken care of while wearing a T-shirt.

The fit of a T-shirt is the number one priority that has to be taken into account, depending on the kind of look you’re going for. When you team a loose-fitting boyfriend T-shirt and jeans, the look is simply casual and will give you a nice grunge look. But if you want something classy, go for a well-fitting tee like a Henley or a faux-wrap tee that hugs you in all the right places.

The neck pattern of the T-shirt is the next thing you need to be concerned about; if you’re planning on layering a jacket over your t-shirt, go for a V-neck tee but if you’re planning on layering it with a shirt, a crew neck tee is a better choice.

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December 14th, 2014

Ties maketh a man!

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Sweater Tie

Sweater Tie

You have one last look at the mirror before you head out for work and realize that something is amiss? Yes, it’s a tie. No matter how dapper you look, a tie can instantly add some extra style. It can also give you an air of superiority and that’s probably the reason why high profile celebrities and business men always wear ties for important events and occasions.

When it comes to ties, there is one tough decision every man has to make, “What tie must I wear with this outfit?” Well, here are some pointers which will help you make that choice…

There are 5 basic types of ties which every man must own. Classified based on the occasion and the fabric, you need to have a woolen tie, a solid black tie, pin-point tie, a club tie with fancy logos and a repp tie. A wool tie is the perfect accessory for your winter clothing while a solid black tie can prove to be your go-to accessory when in doubt. The pin-dot tie and repp tie are both ideal for work and the club tie can be reserved for a night of fun and partying.

Final advice, go for a narrow tie unless you want to risk looking like a congressman!

While you are trying hard to find a tie that goes along with you winter apparel, may we suggest you to take a look at the stylish sweater ties from Gap? Use the Gap coupon code SWEET at checkout to avail a 40% discount on your purchase. Hurry, this offer expires by December 9, 2014.

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December 9th, 2014

For the Biker Babe in You!

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Wool Biker Jacket

Wool Biker Jacket

Be the dashing diva of the season! Pick up some quintessential biker stuff and ignite your adventurous instincts for the holiday. Take some time out for yourself, dust up your old bike and head out in style for a joy ride. Looking for a place to shop amazing biker outfits; you’ve landed at the right spot. Gap has some of the season’s hottest trends that will rightfully earn you the title of “Diva on Wheels”. Here’s how you can put together a totally stylish look.

A killer biker jacket: Break the all-black rule and don a red jacket. Not only does it make you stand out in the crowd, it also adds oodles of glamour to your overall appearance.

Tuck in a comfy Henley: Comfort is as essential as style when you are riding! Slip into a comfortable Henley to stay carefree. Choose lighter colors that work well with your red jacket.

A pair of unforgiving jeans: Needless to say, it has to be a skinny. Go for a pair in basic black or charcoal grey since they make you look good on bikes! Opt for zipped ankle jeans that are trending now.

Shoes and gloves: Essential accessories for any biker avatar are a pair of sturdy boots or booties and a pair of biker gloves. Oh, and don’t forget your glasses.

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December 6th, 2014

Fair Isle Sweaters – An Evergreen Trend!

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Oversized Fair Isle Turtle-neck Sweater

Oversized Fair Isle Turtle-neck Sweater

Love sweaters? Then, you’d surely love the Fair Isle sweaters. The name ‘Fair Isle’ stems from the name of the small island of Fair Isle in Scotland where this distinctive knit pattern was first created. It is now very famous all over the world for its unique combination of colors, carefully strewn bands of geometric patterns and its unique knit design. The Fair Isle sweater is one of the few trends in fashion that can be credited with being an evergreen star that jumps back into the scene every year, unfailingly.

The Fair Isle sweater is an absolute darling when you really need a dose of fashion medicine and it comes with an added benefit – it adds a cheerful look to your overall appearance. Just when the weather gets gloomy and drab, pull out your trusted Fair Isle sweater and style away!

And, if you’re wondering about this sweater being a seasonal piece that you can’t wear all year long, then rest your fears! You can always stock up on a bunch Fair Isle sweaters for the winter and then pack them away until the next winter as they never go out of style.

Don’t let its scruffy nature discourage you, for this one is a star on the ramp and off it too! Get a pretty Fair Isle sweater from Gap and enjoy amazing offers with Gap online coupons. Shop between December 4 and 5, 2014, and save a good 30% on your purchase of $100 or more and an amazing 40% on your purchase of $200 or more. Simply key in the Gap coupon code GAPSNOW at checkout to redeem the offer. Happy shopping!

December 4th, 2014

The Maximum Style!

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Ribbed Mohair Sweater

Ribbed Mohair Sweater

Everyone’s favorite Posh girl, Victoria Beckham was crowned the Best Brand at the British Film Awards at London’s Coliseum on Monday, December 1, 2014. And, she rightfully deserves the place too. She has had her share of fashion mishaps and fails in the early days. But, over the years, she has experimented with a number of outfits, hairstyles and make-up routines and has now perfected the ‘it’ style.

The 40-year old star proved she is worth her fashion salt when she showed up for the event in a spectacular ensemble from her own collection. Posh complemented her pleated black and white satin maxi skirt with an open-back black cashmere sweater, both from the Victoria Beckham collection. The combination proved to be a successful one as the loose-fitting full-sleeve sweater brought out the classy appeal of her pleated skirt, which she had accessorized with a metallic chain belt. The fashionable star wore her signature style high-heels in black and put up her hair in a trendy bun. Her minimalist make-up and nude lips were in perfect sync with her overall stylish but sexy look.

Time for you to mimic Posh’s style: Grab that summer maxi skirt and team it with a black sweater; for accessories, go with a pretty metallic chain belt or just use a couple of safety pins to hold up a chunky chain as a belt. Team this combo with a pair of black pointy toe heels to complete your style.

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December 2nd, 2014

Stylish in Sweats!

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Marled Sweats

Marled Sweats

Stylish in sweatpants? If you’re wondering how you can achieve this, then you might be surprised to find out that sweats are haute couture now. So without much ado, we give you a list of styling tips to make sure your sweats work for you.

  • Sweats come with an uncharacteristic casual vibe about them. So, the best way to style a pair of sweats is to keep everything else strictly formal and classy; that way you can balance out the casual factor and create a neutral look. For example, pair your gray sweatpants with a beautiful white shirt and cinch it with a belt for some graceful style.
  • Another way to style your sweats is to go uber-casual with a denim shirt and a colorful scarf. Pairing your sweatpants in this fashion gives more structure and form you outlook and will make it seem less like you’ve just rolled out of bed. You can also add interest and style to this look with a few choicy accessories. You can go with lace-up booties and a textured tweed long coat to create a smooth look.

Try alternative styling tricks for your humble sweatpants and revel in the bliss of comfort and style! Get a fabulous pair of sweats from Gap and save a good 40% on your purchase at Gap Cyber Monday sale. Simply enter the Gap coupon code CYBER2 at checkout to redeem the offer. Hurry, this offer expires by December 1, 2014.

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November 30th, 2014

Men’s Style Pro: The Denim Jacket

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1969 Heritage Denim Jacket

1969 Heritage Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are considered as the king of a man’s wardrobe, ‘cos they are effortlessly stylish and can be used for different occasions to create different styles. They are not only seasonally versatile, but also offer the ultimate upgrade to a man’s style. Functional, timeless and attractive – these are the three things which make a denim jacket a classic wardrobe item for every man.

The rugged look of denim jacket instantly brings about an air of masculinity. It’s probably the reason why classic Wild West heroes and cowboys always wore a denim jacket. It gives a serious bad boy attitude which is simply irresistible.

The easiest way to pull off a denim jacket is to wear it with a white T-shirt and a pair of shorts. You can also wear denim jackets with a pair of jeans, but make sure that your jeans are two shades up or down as compared to your jacket or else your attire will look like a tuxedo made out of denim.

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November 29th, 2014

Style from the Telly: Barney Stinson

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Wool Herringbone Blazer

Wool Herringbone Blazer

The character “Barnabus ‘Barney’ Stinson” played by Neil Patrick Harris in the TV series “How I met your mother” never failed to leave a smile on our faces. He is known for being famously single, playing laser tag and wearing fabulous suits. The character is so conscious of his looks that some of his night suits resemble actual suits.  According to him, suits are a man’s best friend!

But the best thing about suits is that they can be worn for almost any occasion. They give off a confident vibe, which is probably why high-profile business men and celebrities always wear suits for important occassions. Suits, especially suit jackets, add style and elegance to the overall attire, so you don’t need to worry about the rest of your clothing as long as you have a suit jacket to drape over them.

Check out this Wool Tweed Blazer from Gap. Its precision tailoring and distinctive details makes it an absolutely essential for your wardrobe. It has a full lining which preserves its structure and ensure that your suit jacket remains brand-new for long. Wear this blazer over a white or black shirt and a dark colored tie to get that dapper style, like Barney!

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Have fun shopping!

November 28th, 2014