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Lazed Out Weekend Style!

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Cocoon Sweater

Cocoon Sweater

Weekends are supposed to be fun; a time to relax, a time to unwind and let go of all that has been holding you back, right! Now, how would you feel if you were asked to go meet someone during the weekend?  A casual date, dinner with a prospective client or you simply want to try out that new Sushi restaurant in your neighborhood? Getting ready to go out during the weekends can be quite a chore! Don’t get all gloomy! Here are a couple of simple ideas to brighten up your weekend…

  • Recycle a workday pant in dark color with a casual loose-fitting sweater in light color, preferably cream and go with a nice woolen plaid scarf! And, since the whole of your outfit is very down-to-earth and casual, add one statement piece to bring in that oomph factor; a pair of statement earrings, a nice pair of studded ankle strap heels or a pretty sparkling clutch – any of these accessories can do wonders for this outfit and make you look effortlessly cool.
  • If you’re not in mood to go dressy, then pick a printed jumpsuit as your weekend outfit! Jumpsuits are trendy and require little to no styling! Wear classy pumps, grab a cool clutch and let your hair down to get that carelessly put-together look; add a nice leather belt to the equation to transform you look from effortless to classy.

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January 25th, 2015

Anne Hathaway Stuns in Monochrome Florals!

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Tank fit & flare dress

Tank fit & flare dress

Who doesn’t love floral prints? From warm summer tones to subtle pastel hues, these prints have appeared on dresses, blazers, suits and even jumpsuits. And, what we love about this blooming trend is that while they can make a strong statement on their own, they can also be romantic and subtle. From feminine and flirty dresses with plunging necklines, slit skirts to masculine jackets with boxy fit and structured shoulders, these prints are everywhere!

While pale primroses and high contrast flowers have dominated the fashion world for quite some time, recently we noticed something new and edgy!

Anne Hathway was spotted on the sets of the Today show at the NBC Rockefeller Center Studios in New York City on January 20, 2015 and we couldn’t agree more with her outfit choice of the day! To promote her latest movie Song One, the actress wore an A.L.C Spring top and skirt with graphic floral prints. Anne‘s black and white separates were from A.L.C ‘s latest Spring 2015 collection and she worked the look to perfection with gray tights and black Louboutin pumps.

This black and white trend puts a fresh new spin on the floral trend and Anne Hathway sets the perfect example to wear it in a sophisticated way!

While we love the femininity of washed out floral prints and pastel blooms, (reminiscent of french countryside gardens) we couldn’t deny the fact that monochrome prints are sharp, edgy and the perfect way to wear florals! Shop at Gap and update your wardrobe with chic floral prints in black, white or gray.

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Image Name: Tank fit & flare dress

January 23rd, 2015

Chic Pants!

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Sparkle Sweats

Sparkle Sweats

Skinny pants have always been in trend, but can the same be said about cocktail pants or your favorite sweats? Since this season is all about adding a little sparkle to your outfits, a touch of metallic shimmer is all you need to elevate your style! Marc Jacobs and Chanel have provided us with a lot of head to toes sparkle and now we have our favorite tights and sweat pants drenched in metallic hues! A perfect combination of comfort and chic, slouchy pants in sparkling hues are exactly what you need this winter!

With this new trend emerging, these uber-cool pants have chic written all over it. And we couldn’t resist the urge to rock this trend from professional to dressy attires. Here’s how you pull off this style with ease.

  • The best thing about sweatpants is they can be totally passed as trousers with the right shirt and blazer. Choose soft white T-shirts or pastel blouses and wear them with your pants!
  • Choose a soft French terry fabric with angled zip closure detail and you are good to hit the streets in a relaxed and effortless style.
  •  For the day, pair them with casual shirts and flats.
  • Going for the bold and daring look? Why not wear a sexy bustier with embellishments? Or go wild with sporty sneakers, moto jacket and booties?
  • Pair them with a thin embellished sweaters or a sheer blouse and get ready to hit the dance floor! Complete the look with a pair of sexy stilettoes and statement clutches!

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January 20th, 2015

Shimmering Sequins and Feathers: Julianne Moore at Golden Globes!

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Metallic Stripe Crew Tee

Metallic Stripe Crew Tee

After some serious holiday shopping and dressing up for New Year parties, we have one more thing to look forward to, this January – The highly anticipated award season is back, bringing old style Hollywood glamour back to the red carpet. Yes, we are talking about the much awaited Annual Golden Globe Awards, with star studded nights and glamorous after-parties.

Being the first award show of the year, the 72nd Annual Golden Globe awards, set the standards high with celebrities looking their very best in dreamy dresses and sharp suits at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan 11, 2015. Beautiful ball gowns and floor sweeping dresses ruled the red carpet, while shimmering metallics and dancing colors set the fashion trends for a night full of glitz and glamour.

Julianne Moore won both the awards for ‘best actress’ as well as ‘best dressed’ for the night and was one of the most talked about stars at the red carpet. The 54 year old actress stunned everyone in a silver Givenchy gown with feather details on the skirt, a custom couture piece made by the Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy.

She complimented the sparkling bodice and the feathery detail of her dress with smoky eyes and super-dramatic eyelashes. The set of sparkling Chopard earrings added to her glitzy red carpet look.

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January 18th, 2015

Peacoat – The winter Essential!

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Wool Peacoat

Wool Peacoat

Now that the New Year is already here, it’s essential that you update your wardrobe to suit the change. Staying fashionable doesn’t mean that you have do away do away with your favourite pieces. Simply by adding an additional layer of clothing you can easily change the way you look!

Off late, it is the ‘Peacoat’ that seems to be rocking the fashion world and there is a good reason behind it too! It gives you a subtle edge over the traditional suit jackets but it’s also stylish-enough to keep you on top of the fashion pyramid.

Speaking of styling, there are many different ways to pull off a peacoat. It can be layered over a dress shirt, tie and a grey blazer for a classic western look or you can opt for a mysterious ‘Sherlock Holmes’ look; just flip up the collar, layer-up with a vest and forget the tie! If you’re craving for some personal style, then you can always add an element of interest to your outfit with a bold and solid woollen scarf. Thrown on a newsboy cap to this ensemble and you’re ready to rock!

These are just some ways you can style your peacoat. Tap into your creativity and engineer new styles for your peacoat! And, if you’re looking for a nice peacoat, checkout the collection at Gap! Shop for any item and get a 20% off your purchase; shop for 3 or more items and get a 30% off your purchase; shop for 5 or more items and get a good 40% off your purchase. All you need to do is, key in the Gap coupon code GAPWARM at checkout to redeem the offer. Hurry, this offer is valid only until January 17, 2015.

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January 15th, 2015

What’s Your Style?

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Stripe Zip-pocket Shirttail Dress

Stripe Zip-pocket Shirttail Dress

When shopping for the seasonal trends, we don’t actually shop for the trendy pieces as predicted by the fashion gurus! Instead, we shop for pieces that we feel will suit us. In short, we shop for pieces that are purely dictated by our instincts rather than the latest trends.

Why do we do this? We, as human beings, are guided by our instincts. Whether it’s fashion, food choices or simply the places that we want to visit, we simply let our instincts take the lead and guide us in making our choices.

Our individual sense of style is a part of who we are and that dictates our choices in almost every facet of life! Our fashion choices, especially, are determined by the trends that we feel are comfortable to us and those that reflect our persona.

They say that, in fashion, you simply live in the moment! So, why not explore your true persona with clothes? Do you simply love the artistic chic style or are you truly elegant and sophisticated? Do you love the grunge style or do you like to dress up posh? Do you love to mimic celeb styles or do you like to break some rules on the way and create your own styles?

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January 13th, 2015

Colors of the Rainbow!

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Boucle open-front cardigan

Boucle open-front cardigan

The colors of the rainbow feature a spectrum of seven colors that go from light to dark in a pattern called the Vibgyor – Violet, indigo, blue, green yellow, orange and red. So many colors and yet we choose so little!

Have you wondered how it’s become a very normal thing for one to choose an outfit depending on the colors that suits him or her best. For example, let’s say that a person who’s little on the plus side likes to shop for darker colors like black, blue and maroon. It’s a common belief that these colors make him or her look a tiny bit slimmer. And, likewise for people who feature in the super-skinny category blessed with a spectacularly slender frame – they always go for lighter colors.

There are so many colors and yet we subject ourselves to the misery of limiting ourselves to only a few from the spectrum while conveniently neglecting the others, all in the name of looks. Well, it’s time for you break that convictions! Yes, it’s given that light colors flatten your figure and give you the impression of being toned, but hey, does that mean you can’t really experiment with other colors?

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January 11th, 2015

Winter Obsession: Plaid Scarf!

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Cozy plaid scarf

Cozy plaid scarf

Winter fashion tends to be tad bit boring and monotone, mainly because of the limited color choices that are available for the season. They tend to gravitate towards darker shades of the color spectrum like the blacks, navy blues and burgundy. May be it has something to do with the common conception that dark colors absorb more heat from the solar rays and keep your warm during the cold. But hey! Does that mean you need to walk like around in the same colors as others? Na… Challenge yourself to play with colors; all you need is a few tips to incorporate some color into your wardrobe.

Putting together a spectacular outfit for winter is all about choosing the right kind of basics and layering them with a nice long coat or a colored jacket. Colored jacket is too much for you? How about a nice plaid scarf? It does not have too many colors like a floral printed silk chiffon scarf but is undeniably unique and classy-enough to be paired with the rest of your winter wear.

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January 9th, 2015

The Olivia Effect!

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V-neck Tie-waist Top

V-neck Tie-waist Top

There’s not a single woman who wouldn’t swear by Olivia Palermo’s style. The fashionista is so popular thanks to her many, many wonderful styles and her amazing fashion blog. But if you put aside Olivia’s million-dollar wardrobe and her couture outfits, she would still be casually fashionable. So, what is it that makes Olivia’s style so special? Read on to find out…

From the observer’s point of view, it would seem like Olivia never repeats her outfits, but this couldn’t be any further from the truth because Olivia is a brilliant recycler. But, she styles her outfits in the most trendy way that you could never tell it is the same piece she wore earlier.

For example, would you wear a pair of shorts with a peplum top? Well, Olivia would and that too, a pair of printed shorts with a printed peplum top! How would she recycle them? Well, she would wear those shorts with a striped tee and a cream cardigan – this combo would render the shorts almost unrecognizable.

Need another example? Take a nice colorblock chiffon skirt with pleats. Did you think there’s just one way to wear it? No! Olivia would style it with a simple top and lot of jewelry. The next time she would recycle it as a strapless dress and layer it with a contrast blazer.

To conclude, the secret to Olivia’s many different looks is just creativity. She can put together the most ‘unlikely’ pieces from her wardrobe to create an outfit that deserves a place in a look-book.

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January 8th, 2015

Knit Leggings – Hot off the Ramp!

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Fair Isle Knit Leggings

Fair Isle Knit Leggings

Yes, yes! We remember! We were the ones to explicitly tell you, many times, that leggings are not pants. They still aren’t! Ladies seriously, a pair of tight-fitting leggings clinging to your legs, especially your bottom, is by no means appealing and should never be worn as such. But since printed leggings are the hottest rage on the ramp and since they’ve become the next big thing on the streets, it would be wise to compromise a bit and accept the trend of wearing printed leggings.

A quick look through any glossy fashion magazine is all the proof you need to assure yourself that leggings are back in fashion. But if you’re still not convinced, take a stroll down the streets and you’re bound to find at least a dozen teenagers flaunting this trend.

Despite the fact that leggings cannot be worn as pants, it certainly comes with a whole lot of merits. It’s very stretchy, comfortable and adaptable. And, when worn right, a pair of leggings can actually be very flattering for any figure.

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January 8th, 2015